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"Why ClickBank Affiliate Marketing
Can Save You Time While
Helping you Create Easy
Rock Solid Success"

You've discovered that affiliate marketing is not the easy path to riches some would have you believe. So far, your efforts have brought more, well effort than success. Youve got the basics down, you understand the principles. Youve even got a blog or two set up that youve been trying to monetize. But a strange thing happens, every time you try to tackle affiliate marketing

it seems to be inexplicably harder than you thought.

You dont yet have a strong presence. Oh, lots of people know you but theyre not quite sure who you are as in: What you stand for, and what you represent.

(You dont blame them. Neither do you!)

You tried to put together a cohesive blog, with the idea of promoting that traffic program you liked so much. But the moment you applied to join the affiliate network hosting its sales, you got all tangled up in waiting for approval, and now youre trying to figure out how and when youll get paid.
"Why Cant I Get a Handle on Affiliate Marketing?

Meanwhile, youre busy learning about text link ads, and wondering what youre going to do about the ugly banners from that Learn to Blog course youve signed up to promote. (Its banner ads clash with every color on your own blog.)

But you cant pass up this perfect opportunity to let people know about the audio software youve found even though youre not known for your podcasts, teleseminars or recordings

Why cant I get a handle on affiliate marketing? is not a question you see too often on marketing forums not because no one needs to ask it: The truth is, everyones embarrassed to admit they cant do what others seem to do easily.

It all boils down to inexperience not the sort of inexperience that plagued you when you first discovered internet marketing but inexperience in creating a strong, cohesive authority identity as an affiliate marketer.

And having a handle on what to recommend.

Let me ask you something. Lets say you learned to ski a year or two ago, and youve just graduated from the Bunny Hill. You want to try cross-country skiing, a steeper hill maybe even tackle snowboarding.

Youre not a complete newbie, and you can keep your balance much better than when you started. (You dont even fall down that often, any more.)

Are you going to sign yourself up to try out for the Olympic Team? Try the World Cup Downhill this year?

Of course not! That wouldnt be a realistic expectation.

Yet thats what we do to ourselves all the time, in the frenetic world of internet marketing. (Blame it on the gurus; the sort that promise you millionaire freedom in a week.)
Becoming a Super Affiliate is Not an Impossible Dream

That being said, there is an easy way to vault yourself up in the affiliate marketing standings (and increase your bank account too though the amount you generate is strictly up to you.)

It lies in simplification.

You want to stop all those simultaneous learning curves that are making your head spin, so you can concentrate on an easy, proven way to establish your career.

One that will show you:


How to choose subjects with the highest returns

The reason review bloggers who focus on products first will often fail

The most crucial element in the mix between you and the product you plan to promote

The secret to tapping into readers who will actually spend money on their niche

6 questions to ask yourself, before agreeing to promote any product

How - and when - to have a pen name... without really having one

5 areas to pay attention to - and how to judge if they're "right" for you

The place to find your strongest clues as to market hot spots - and 2 things about apparent hot spots you need to find out today!

But theres one more thing you need to consider
You Can Learn All This and Promote Multiple Products While Dealing With Only One Affiliate Network

As you may have guessed from the title, Im talking about review blogging but not just any type.

I recommend working entirely from ClickBank, for the hidden (and not-so-hidden) benefits dealing with only one affiliate network and marketplace will offer you, leaving your mind free to abandon piecemeal details (like keeping in mind multiple passwords, conditions, restrictions, rules and payment options and terms from different vendors and sites) and focus on presenting your offerings in one solid business

as well as developing your image, (the ethics and values you want to be known by).

Working with only one affiliate network gives you a huge advantage: Instead of everything you do being a new learning curve, you only learn the system once and youre free to focus your efforts on more important areas.

Ones that will make you solid money, instead of siphoning away your time like a leaky gas line.

And help you build your reputation.

Working within Clickbank has huge advantages:


Using one nickname for all your accounts

Regular payouts, every two weeks

All hidden fees and costs known up front for every product

Secure anti-fraud measures in place

Thousands of products to choose from in one single marketplace

Instant access to real-time and historical statistics that will tell you exactly how well a product is doing

The ability to enable tracking

Dealing with one, single company and one set of rules

Of course, like every system, ClickBank has its drawbacks too.

Most of these lie in your not knowing certain things are going to happen and not knowing what to do, when they do.

However, if you were to find a simple guide that could alert you to the most common dangers (and a few uncommon ones too) and show you exactly how to build a strong review blog not in the usual, everyday actual set up a blog like this how-to instructions, but in more important and less tangible details.

Details which in themselves may prove to be
The Missing Elements To Your Affiliate Marketing Success

I wont waste your time by carrying on for pages more, like many marketers. Im going to get to the point right now, and tell you why Im talking to you today.

Ive written a focused guide called, quite simply, the Guide to Clickbank Review Blogging. It lays out how to stop stirring things around on your marketing plate and turn yourself into a successful affiliate review blogger today.

One whose reviews command respect and lead to subscriptions.

And thats not even mentioning the improvement in clickthrough-to-sales and commissions my methods show you how to create.

Download this report right now, and see if its that mysterious missing ingredient youve been wishing someone would hand you, for so long you were starting to believe it would never turn up.

If it is, your first commission check will most likely more than compensate you for your simple, one-time investment.

If my Guide tells you nothing new, thats okay. Theres absolutely no risk to you at all.
"Guide to Clickbank Review Blogging"
Comes With My 100, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you decide it hasnt opened you up to new possibilities, or convinced you how easy ClickBank review blogging is (even if you truly hate to write!) Im counting on you to ask me for a refund, right away.

Ill make sure you get your refund immediately, though Im confident youll enjoy the solid value packed into my special report, Guide to Clickbank Review Blogging, and of course, Im putting it in writing my unconditional, risk-free, 30 day guarantee

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